Mind & Well Being Coaching

What is a Mind Coach?

As children growing up, we develop our personalities, forge our characters, copy sets of behaviours – heavily influenced by our parents or caregivers and any other people who are part of our surroundings. Every event can have a positive or a negative impact on us. Without us being aware, negative past events can affect us later on in our lives in the form of a condition we develop or behaviours that we can’t help repeating. Needless to say this all happens at an unconscious level.

Everything we experience, even the most insignificant of incidents are stored in our minds memory bank. When an event or situation that we experience today sharing similarities with an event from our past, an emotional memory image appears and often our reaction won’t be in tune with the present event. It will be an emotional replicate from our past but in a new situation. It’s like pressing the repeat button again and again.

As a Mind Coach, I will teach you how the mind works and help you break these cycles allowing you to transform your day to day lives, and live in the now.

Are you ready to break free from your past?

Do you suffer from a stubborn condition?

Is there a behaviour you would like to change?

Do you have a phobia, anxiety, insomnia?


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