• 28th October 2019

Do you look after your body?

If so, what do you do for it? Have you ever wondered how much work your body does for you on a daily basis? Have you properly sat down and asked yourself “what is going on inside my body when I am not feeling well, when I am tired or when I notice pain or…

  • 5th September 2019

A vegan crumble recipe

I’ve been vegan for almost five years now after being a vegetarian for more than twenty years. I’ve had to be creative and adjust my way of cooking even more then before using different ingredients. A friend of mine use a method of cooking called macrobiotic. A couple of months ago, she told me that…

  • 13th May 2019

Hay Fever

Hay fever is one of the most common allergies and affects around 13 million people in the UK. Up to one in five people get affected at some point in their life. Some people may have hay fever seasonally, when airborne pollens are at their peak.  Others suffer “hay fever” symptoms all year round (perennial…

Bowen Therapy and the Importance of Breaks during Treatment

If you’ve ever had a Bowen treatment, you’ll know that the therapist will leave the room several times during the treatment. By leaving the room, we give the body a chance to say what it wants to or needs to do in order to function better. And it does this through adjusting, restoring or balancing…

  • 27th February 2017

A Ten Year Old’s View on Animal Abuse

Hi, I am Mia and I think animal abuse is disgusting especially on innocent creatures, even animals we humans call pets, for example, cats, dogs and a lot more animals get tortured in this cruel world. A dog is for life. Treat it well and nourish it but don’t abuse it. If you have a…

New Year Resolution 2017
  • 1st January 2017

Struggling to Think of some New Year’s Resolutions?

Here are some for you to consider.   Take some fresh air and exercise To help our body function properly, sunlight is very important. Sunlight triggers in the body the production of vitamin D. Therefore, going out and about for a minimum of 20 minutes every day means you’ll avoid being deficient in that so…

Bowen treatment
  • 2nd November 2016

Why does Bowen Therapy work so fast for some and slow for others?

It’s not unusual after receiving a Bowen treatment that we cannot immediately see or experience changes in our body, as changes can be very subtle and unnoticeable. This should not be seen as a negative. Bowen can work at such a deep level within the body, it’s not always evident on the surface. It would…

  • 12th July 2016

Should I Have a Massage or Bowen Therapy?

I often get asked this question. It all depends on what you want to achieve. It’s worth asking yourself the following questions: Do you have a chronic condition, an injury, pains or aches which have been bothering you for weeks, months or years? Do you get relief after a massage, but then few days later…

  • 7th June 2016

How Do I Eliminate Self-Sabotage?

Do you get a box that pops up in your mind offering you an update?  Today most of us have at least a computer or laptop, a smartphone but some of us have an iPad,  a Kindle, a smart TV and even more. We are regularly informed of a software update so that our phone…

soya beans
  • 10th May 2016

Is Soya Good For Me?

Do you have soya? If so, have you asked yourself if soya is good for you? I introduced soya to my diet 19 or 20 years ago when I became a vegetarian. I knew nothing about it except that it was there and advertised as being a good source of protein. At around that time,…