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A Ten Year Old’s View on Animal Abuse


I am Mia and I think animal abuse is disgusting especially on innocent creatures, even animals we humans call pets, for example, cats, dogs and a lot more animals get tortured in this cruel world. A dog is for life. Treat it well and nourish it but don’t abuse it.

Don't abandon pets

I totally agree with the text on this picture, poor dog 🙁

If you have a pet you should love your pet no matter how many poops or how much other stuff happens. You wouldn’t just abandon it or abuse it, would you?  Even the cruellest people in the world will have an emotional scar for life after they do something cruel and mean like torturing animals.

When my parents went to China

My mum and dad went to China roughly twelve years ago (this is a story that they told me because I was not born then). They were walking through the market when suddenly they spotted a very cramped crate full of an adorable, small, cute and fluffy bunch of puppies! My mum and dad walked to the crate and my mum exclaimed “Ahh they’re so cute!” the man who was guiding my parents replied, ”Well, they’re going to the meat market.” My mum and dad were taken aback and quite upset so they walked away for there was nothing they could do for the poor puppies, who did not know that they barely had a chance to live, that each breath was their last one.

The story of my life

I have a dog myself, her name is Cassie. Here is a picture of her.

My Cassie

I love her unconditionally

I used to always ask my mum and dad if I could have a dog, sadly it was always ‘no’, but one night my dad replied to my plea by saying maybe. A couple of months later my mum and dad said to me “we’re going to Yorkshire to get a Boston Terrier!” A couple of days later we were all in the car taking the three-hour drive to Yorkshire. Finally, we got there, we rang the bell and a nice looking woman opened the door for us. “Hi I’m Tracy, you must be here for our last female Boston Terrier, please come in.” We walked in suddenly I saw a big cage with big fluffy teddies and 3 small dogs inside! Tracy reached into it and carried out the smallest puppy of all, the dog had dark brown eyes, cute thin whiskers and pink around her little, flat nose. My mum, dad and I listened to Tracy telling us how to look after her. Then we went back into the car for another three-hour drive. We let Cassie out to do her business. Then we got home.

I love my dog and I would never hurt her.

She is part of my family now.

My Beliefs

I believe that one-day, animals will be unharmed by humans. I have a dream that this blog will do some good to animals in this world. The time is always right to do what is right-Martin Luther King j.r.

Thank you!


Carolyn, 28th February 2017 Reply

Mia what a wonderful first blog!! Great writing talent on a very important subject. Keep up the good work. Carolyn xxx

Corinne Denham, 28th February 2017 Reply

Thank you from Mia

Mark Denham, 28th February 2017 Reply

Hey Mia, I really enjoyed reading your article on cruelty to animals and I fully support your thoughts and views. How could anyone in their right mind cause harm to an animal let alone a pet?
Say hi to Cassie from me and I’m looking forward to reading your next piece of writing.

Mark XXX

Corinne Denham, 1st March 2017 Reply

Thanks Uncle Mark! xxxx

John Litherland, 1st March 2017 Reply

Super blog Mia 🙂 Can’t wait for your next article! Hope you’re all happy and well in London.

Corinne Denham, 1st March 2017 Reply

Thanks John!
How is Natasha? Give her a hug from me! From Mia

Corinne Denham, 1st March 2017 Reply


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