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Do you look after your body?

If so, what do you do for it?

Have you ever wondered how much work your body does for you on a daily basis?

Have you properly sat down and asked yourself “what is going on inside my body when I am not feeling well, when I am tired or when I notice pain or an ache that is bothering me?”

Most people live their life, without realizing or questioning what their body is doing for them. 

Our physical body is made up of 12 systems and 78 organs. WOW!

Would you stop for one minute, think, listen or visualize this entire world that is running inside all of us? 

We are made of water, air, fire, mineral just like planet earth and just like ‘mama’ earth, rivers, lakes, mountains run their course within us with of course living organisms which are keeping the balance in our wonderfully orchestrated inside the world.  

So if we take the respiratory system, for example, breathing – It happens unconsciously, which means without us having to do anything or even think about it.

Our body never or almost never fails to get that respiratory system functions 24/7. If we stop breathing, we just die! That’s how important the respiratory system is to us.

Did you know that our body talks to us every day through a message system?


Well, let’s take pain which is one of the messages we get from our body. Pain is our body telling us that something is going on and that something is not right. It could be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain.

Let’s explore the physical pain. It could be that there is a physical issue that needs to be looked after. Another question that could be asked especially if someone often injures themselves or are going from one illness or problem to another.

It could be a message from our body warning us that we are on the wrong track and moving away from our purpose in our life. It could be that our job is not fulfilling us or that our relationship is not supporting or challenging us in a way to keep us on the right track.

It could be anything that we are doing or not doing and our body will put us out of balance to warn us that we are sidetracked. It’s a little bit like having an inbuilt GPS telling us when we take the wrong turn. Food for thought right?

Now, let’s go back to the question I asked earlier, which is ‘do you look after your body’? I have a little exercise for you to do, mentally or written, your choice!

Think about everything you get your body to do every day from the moment you get up until you go to sleep. I’m not talking about activities that our body does to keep us alive like breathing or our heart pumping the blood for example. I’m thinking more in the line of rushing to work, late-night drinking, overeating or eating junk that is clogging our system, going to the gym/being sedentary or carrying a heavy bag all day.

Do you get the idea? Make a list of everything you do which involves your body. If I take a guess, it’s involved every time right? Wouldn’t it be fun if we could say to our body, ‘have a rest, I’ll be back in a couple of hours’ 🙂

Then, think about what you do for your body in return as a thank you. 

Is the list balanced?

If not balanced, what changes could you make to support or challenge your body, depending on where the imbalance lies?

I hope this exercise has made you realize how easy it is to take our body for granted and forget how hard it works for us day in and day out.

Look after your body and it will look after you. 

It’s the only body you are going to have in this life, so my advice is – look after it and be grateful that it’s there for you every day of your life.

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