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Bowen Therapy and the Importance of Breaks during Treatment

If you’ve ever had a Bowen treatment, you’ll know that the therapist will leave the room several times during the treatment.

By leaving the room, we give the body a chance to say what it wants to or needs to do in order to function better. And it does this through adjusting, restoring or balancing a part of the body that needs work.

Our body has many ways in which it talks to us. An example of this is pain. Pain is basically our body warning us that there is a problem. If we ignore it, it might develop into dis-ease. If we ignore it many times, over time we could end up developing a more serious condition.

Our body knows what it needs better than anybody else. Listening to it is one step forward towards better health.

As a Bowen practitioner, when I leave the room during a treatment, meaning when I leave my client to rest for a few minutes after having performed a few moves, I give my client’s body an opportunity to reply to what I just did. I’m just a guide; I open windows and then the body does the rest. It’s a real exchange and teamwork. On the other hand, when I give a massage, or manual lymph drainage, I decide everything from beginning to end; the body is just a speechless body.

Sometimes after a break, when I continue the treatment, a change is noticeable either by me or my client. It can be in the form of a body temperature change; my client has fallen asleep, or suddenly is more awake and talkative. There are many examples of these subtle changes.

Sometimes, there is nothing noticeable. And if that happens, it doesn’t mean, the treatment is not working or it’s not effective. It could be that whatever has happened in the body is so subtle that it cannot be felt or seen through the eyes.

In my opinion, prevention is of utter importance.

I love giving Bowen treatments because of everything I’ve mentioned about it. It’s so powerful in such a gentle way that I’m still very often amazed at the results.

I also very much look forward to receiving my regular Bowen treatments. I practice what I preach. Otherwise, how could I advise my clients to have regular ‘maintenance treatments’ even if they don’t present with any obvious issues?

The point is to keep the body balanced to avoid problems arising or having injuries.

When was the last time you had a pain or some discomfort?

Of course, it often goes away, because the body makes compromises in the form of quick temporary adjustments to reduce the discomfort. But these adjustments can create other problems as they are just a temporary measure until we do something that will deal with the issue at its root.

One thing to remember, is that this is the only body you are going to have in this life, so look after it!

I would love to help you maintain good health if you allow me.

It’s easy, get in touch!

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